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Name: James von Pnafner
[boy / 19 / variable height / mutant]
Build: pale , very thin, black hard skeleton, weighs an impossible 200 lbs "big boned"

Hugging this character: He would probably freak out and break his own back. = Yes!
Kissing this character: He would probably freak out and start bleeding from his mouth or bite off his own tongue.
Flirting with this character: Yes, if your rose could be the thorns twisted around his heart. Making in bleed with every beat.
Fighting with this character: Sure. He might choose to not fight back though.
Injuring this character: Yes, please. He regenerates but slowly. Tear off limbs but don't leave him helpless.
Killing this character: Don't give him the pleasure.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: If you want to see the void of teenage angst within.

Warnings: Is over the top Emo. Will self mutilate for S&G and attention/shock effect.

Powers: Regeneration. Manipulation of own bone structure. Wolverine? Nevah' 'eard 'ov 'im!

Descripthistory: Kidnapped at the age of 6 and raised in a military lab. Was used as a test dummy/combatant for the other mutants present. Was forced to manipulate skeleton to both fight and construct stuff. Learned from TV that other kids his age that felt bad dressed and behave in a certain way. Thus becoming stereotypical Emo. Was freed by and joined mutant freedom-fighters. The freedom he gained was funds enough to buy alternative clothing replacing the military overall. He has been at their base for two week now, oozing angst.

Quote: "I've been torn apart, shot with automatic fire, blown up, and carved into more times than I can remember. But the only scars I'm allowed to keep are the ones I carry inside." -James von Pnafner


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James von Pnafner

June 2015



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